Photographic Craftsman Degree earned!

John Huegel CPP, Cr. Photog.

That’s my new title. It shows that not only am I a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), but I am also now a Photographic Craftsman (Cr. Photog.)


I recently earned the degree of Photographic Craftsman by earning the required number of speaking and service merits. Service merits are earned when attending training or conventions, and by┬ávolunteering at conventions. I volunteered for two years at the PPA National convention as an “Orange Shirt”, and attended many educational sessions offered by other photographers, where I learned new skills.

To earn the speaking merits, I developed and presented educational programs to other professional photographers. My first program, which I presented throughout New York and at several Tennessee photographic groups, was focused on developing a strong web presence for photographers by creating strong web sites with content that the search engines will promote. My second program, which I presented across New York state and at several Louisiana photographic groups, was centered on creating a business model that is tailored to the photographer’s lifestyle and business goals.

Both of these programs can be viewed on my main website if you are curious. I am also available to present these programs at your professional photographer gathering, whether it is a PPA group or not.

I am very proud to have earned both of these degrees. I helps me to stand apart from other photographers. Helping each other learn and grow is a core element of truly professional photographers and I am very glad to be in the company of many great PPA members.