Family Portrait Marathon Success!

Sunday October 19th was our Family Portrait Marathon, to benefit the Baker Family. We had 5 families come out to Waterworks and share some time with us. We captured some great images, which I’ll feature over the next several days.

Special thanks to the Hancock family for their support in providing signage, food, beverage, vendor support and photo assistants. Special thanks to Lauren for her “making of” footage shown here. Also thanks to Brittany and Juliana for their assistant support.

Thanks also to TV24 for their coverage before and after the event, Sam’s Club, Meadow Brook, Tim Horton’s, Panera Bread and many others for their generous support.

For those who missed the event, we’re offering the same special to any family for the rest of 2008: $100 Session fee, donated to the Baker Family, and 50% off all products on the online shopping cart.

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