Kaela’s Senior Portraits in Erie

Tonight was a great summer-fall transition evening – cool, breezy and pleasant. The fluffy clouds appeared, but the skies were bright and blue.
Kaela started with some images of bridges and waterfalls near her home.  Here is a great early image:
We then moved to our downtown studio for some shots under studio lighting and using our great 110-year-old settings:
Next. we chose several outdoor settings that Kaela enjoyed, including a fire escape and a few other locations:
But the real treat of the evening was this late August sunset. I see these just a couple times a year. It requires a clear day with some fluffy clouds passing by:
It’s called “Second Sunset”, where the sun underlights closer clouds. There was actually a “Third Sunset” that we saw on the way home, hitting the higher cirrus clouds. 

Kaela, you are a lucky lady! And you had some great images tonight!

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