Erie Senior Portraits: Heather’s Volleyball

Today it didn’t just rain, it poured. All of us were a bit concerned about the evening’s session, but as we gathered to start, we ended up with some really interesting, and cool, weather. Yes, we needed the rain, but it had our nerves a bit frazzled.
Starting indoors, we captured some great images on several backdrops, and even picked up a few images requested by Heather in our great 110-year-old building’s grand windows:
Outdoors, one of Heather’s requests was a fire escape setting. I have worked with this area before, having met with the building owners. This is one of a set that we captured on a great fire escape:
Her passion was to be at the beach. Our original expectation was to be satisfied with a dull gray sunset, as it had been cloudy and rainy all day. We started at one of the lighthouses:
Then we headed to Beach 6 which has a great volleyball court as well as nice beach. Here is an awesome image taken against a crazy sunset:
Then we switched to volleyball mode and captured many great images, both by the nets and even better, by the sunset and lake. Here’s one of a whole group of incredible shots in “volleyball mode”:
You can’t capture images like this with a point and shoot. Not even with a consumer dSLR. It requires off-camera lights, precise timing and the knowledge of how to balance sunset lighting with subject lighting in high speed “action” mode.

Heather even headed into the lake to take a pounding from the waves as the sky faded to dark. We got some really amazing shots tonight. Thanks to Heather and her family for being such good sports!

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