Senior Beach Portraits in Erie: Jordyn

Jordyn came over tonight and we worked with her on her senior portraits. 
We captured some great indoor images, including this one with her dog Josie:
Josie was a very good dog, and had a wonderful night as we headed outdoors for some more images with Jordyn. Here’s one in my personal favorite spot:
I take many seniors to this great location. I just love the lighting and the great old rusty setting.
We popped over to the Erie Bayfront, in front of Smuggler’s Wharf, for some early evening images like this one:
I love those posts with the colored paint!
Then on to the beach!  The weather was nice, but the sun was shy, and about 20 minutes before true sunset, it hid behind a cloud bank across the lake. But no worries, we caught this great “sunset” shot and many more:
Then, we caught many more images of the colored sky and some lakeside shots, like this great shot:

Jordyn, it was a pleasure working with you!

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