Harborcreek Senior Photos: Tyler

A gentlewoman from the South would have rated Thursday night “a bit wahm”. Though we didn’t have any fans to bat our faces with, we did have a mission: to capture some great lakeside and sports images for Tyler, and to face the 90+ degrees with dignity.
Tyler is an athlete. A P90X, track-running, soccer-playing, kayak-paddling athlete. I don’t think there is a sport he hasn’t tried.
We started at the lake under full sunlight at over 90 degrees, and Tyler fresh out of soccer camp. He was a trooper all of the way.
I like the play of colors on the many boats at his neighborhood beach/dock, and Tyler in the background, ready to head out on the water.
Later, we captured some crisp images on the soccer field:
I like the rim lighting we placed on the right side of the image. The black and white finish of this image emphasizes the rim light and the sports uniform.
Then we captured an image of Tyler at the track, emphasizing some previous awards. I used a spot color edit on this image to highlight the track awards.
In our Senior Portrait business, we try to emphasize the senior’s lifestyle – their sports, activities, recreations, and most of all, their personalities. I believe we captured Tyler’s spirit in this series. 
To cap it off, Tyler even posed in a jacket and tie after sunset for some classy images. I think this one has a bit of “Michael J. Fox” in it.

Great images, Tyler!

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