Erie Photography Seminars: My Students!

We’re at class #4 of our Adventures in Photography series, and we are making great progress. Our small class is very focused (pun intended).  We have moved from basic camera settings to natural light portraits, still life and macro, and then on to studio lighting. I have drilled the fundamentals each week, and I’m sure they are sick of “The FEW” and setting custom white balance.  But they are becoming better and better photographers each week.
This week, we learned how to set white balance with a strobe trigger, set main lights, fill, background and kicker lights.  We even played with color gels on the backgrounds, and changed light modifiers.
This is one sample photo from Heather, one of our attendees.  There is no editing on this image – it is straight out of camera, with the exception of resizing for blogging.
Great lighting, composition, focus.  I’m so proud of the progress our class has made.  In four more sessions we’re going to learn even more!

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