Winter Semi-Formal: Indoor Photos

Yesterday was not the best day for photos, with the severe weather. My daughter Jennifer had her winter Semi-Formal dance and had some friends over before the event. I took the opportunity to capture some indoor images with my new Gary Fong Lightsphere.

This light modifier, attached to the top of an attached flash, reportedly softens the light. And it did a fine job, as you can see here. Shooting at ISO640 and 1/30 second exposure, the TTL flash nicely balanced the available light and preserved the warmth of the room. You can see just a touch of very soft flash shadow on the wall just to the left of Jenny’s head. This is much softer than I would have expected with a camera-attached flash.

I did notice some illumination falloff issues with larger groups, but that is to be expected.

Overall, a good experiment and a very photogenic subject!

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