Erie Events: Bean Day 2009 Is Coming!

Yes boys and girls, the great midwinter food celebration is back! This time with more beans!

What started off as a fund raiser for the Second Harvest Food Bank focusing on SPAM has turned beany. When the SPAM folks politely declined to allow us to use their product in a food event, they missed out on a great thing.

So we have resurrected Bean Day!

Bean Day is an invention of my dad and stepmother, who, years ago, started bean day as a friends and family midwinter cooking celebration and a reason to get out of the house in February. Over the years it grew in popularity and at one point took over a fire hall, and this with no communication other than word of mouth.

The lowly bean is a wonderful base for cooking. At Bean Day we celebrate all that can be associated with bean, from pure bean-based foods such as baked beans, to things made with beanlike substances like Tofu, jelly beans, vanilla beans and coffee beans. Yes, we stretch the definition so we don’t have to eat pinto bean ice cream.

The highlight of Bean Day is the cooking contest. People are invited to bring an entry to be judged and shared, and the winners come away with incredible prizes like more beans.

This year’s event is still in the planning stages, but here are the preliminary details:
– Date: Saturday February 7th, 2009
– Time: 5-9 PM or thereabouts
– Location: Saints Peter and Paul Social Center, 34th and Wallace
– Activities: kids activities, cooking contest, musical entertainment, chinese auction
– Admission: $5/person or $15/family

More details will follow. We would like to raise $1000-2000 for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

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