Senior Portraits at Edinboro University

This fall I had the honor of taking Stephanie’s senior portraits. She chose to focus on areas in her home town of Edinboro, PA. This was great fun for me, as I grew up in Edinboro and attended college there, many years ago. I enjoyed the opportunity to see my home town from a new perspective. I told Stephanie and her family countless “when I was younger” stories about Edinboro.

We had a beautiful fall day for our session. Stephanie had some ideas and I picked a few others, and we ended up with a great portfolio of outdoor shots. Then we followed up with some excellent indoor portraits to top off the evening.

This shot captured Stephanie in a relaxed moment. This is the upper courtyard of the Edinboro University campus, near the art building and auditorium. Shot in shade in late afternoon, the exposure was 1/60 at f/3.2 ISO 200. You can see the campus behind her, but the tight depth of focus minimizes the distraction of the background.

In post-production, I finished this with a slight sepia tone and layered the logo over the bench. Then I built the graduated border by sampling brightness levels from within the image. This pose was a favorite of Stephanie and her family and friends.

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