Sonny Lombardozzi: The Making of a Rock Poster

Recently, I had the pleasure of working again with my friend Sonny Lombardozzi. Sonny is a world renowned guitarist. He holds music workshops around the world, and is recognized globally as one of the world’s best metal guitarists.

Sonny has many sponsors, from V-picks to Morley pedals to Spider Energy Drink and more. For this session, we captured Sonny playing his guitars outfitted with EMG 707 and 808 pickups. Our goal was to produce a large poster which will be shown in music stores around the world, to promote EMG pickups and Sonny’s reputation as the worlds most brutal shredder.

We brought in some aluminum trusses from the Raven Sound warehouse, where Sonny and I both have our studios. Thanks again to Phil and Rick and the gang for the trusses, I think you will agree they add a lot to the image.

guitar promotional photography

We have here the trusses and a few of Sonny’s guitars including the famous double “Saw” guitar. I arranged the guitars to keep most of them in clear view, with the pickups prominently shown.

Once we composed the image, we did a few image captures with regular studio lights. Here’s a sample:

Sonny lombarozzi guitar emg pickups 2

Of course I would crop out the windows above. This shows the basic setup. We were pleased with the images, but wanted a bit more punch. So we tried gelling a kicker light red to provide some color impact. It was amazing what that red light did to the trusses!

EMG pickups Sonny Lombardozzi music photos

I had the fog machine going as well. I set up a second kicker for red on the right (actually I didn’t have red but I combined Magenta and Yellow gels to make red!). Here’s the pullback shot:

EMG puckups Sonny lombardozzi red

There’s a lot of red, and basically no other color of substance, so the poster will “glow red” and draw eyes to it. Additionally, we felt that the double guitar held was the best composition, so we chose a final image similar to this one:

sonny lombardozzi double guitar saw emg pickups promo

After post processing, titling and final edits, the poster is going to look like this:

sonny lombardozzi emg pickups poster final layout

We are very pleased with the results. Look for it in a music store soon!

Learning the fine art of boudoir portraiture

Photographers need to learn and grow. I try to attend several seminars each year. The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) offers local seminars twice a year, called “Super Monday”, often produced by local photographers. I often either attend or instruct these sessions. They are a great opportunity to meet with other photographers and learn new techniques.

This May, my friends Stephanie Cunningham and Dana Nordlund jointly presented a Super Monday at Steph’s studio in Ripley NY. Their program was entitled “Bombshell Boudoir” and featured some great models, great clothing and amazing hair and makeup. I have little experience with the style called boudoir, meaning a women’s bedroom. These photographs are often suggestive, but not outright naughty. In addition, we worked on pinup photos as well, which are generally more fun and “G” rated than boudoir.

We used some the newest Wescott constant lights, from florescent to the newest (unreleased) LED lights. They are great for WYSIWYG studio lights!

Here are a few samples of the session. There are dozens more on my Facebook business page!

boudoir portraits black and white boudoir pinpu portraits boudoir portrait boudoir and pinup portraits boudoir portrait

Special thanks to our models who worked tirelessly for the whole day, and our clothing, hair and makeup contributors.