Erie Senior Portraits: Tyler

Tonight we had perfect “Late September” weather. 70 degrees, no clouds, and very little wind. Perfect for outdoor portraits.
Tyler started inside and we captured some nice images in the studio before heading outdoors:
Tyler digs his wheels. Here’s a nice shot of Tyler and his car:
Here’s a great shot that I applied some texture and effects to:
And here’s an image from the beach, taken just before the sun hid behind a cloud bank:

Great images, Tyler. More to come soon!

Erie Senior Portraits: Ian

Today was a wonderful, warm fall day. Today we worked with Ian on his senior images.
Here is a great image using our indoor lighting and backdrops:
Then we headed outdoors. Ian wanted some unique images, so we chose several locations we have not used this year:

Ian, thanks for keeping us challenged with new locations and ideas. You have some great images here!

Senior Pictures in Erie: Michael

Michael and his family came up from Titusville this weekend to work with us. We started indoors and captured some great images under natural and studio light:
Then we headed outdoors and chose a few favorite locations. Michael’s sister was a senior of mine a couple of years ago, so the family had some ideas of places and images they wanted to see. 
Of course, we headed to my favorite wall:
And we headed to the beach for a few shots.

Great images, Michael! It was a pleasure working with you and your family!

Intro to Photography Seminar: Tuesday September 20, 2011

Once again, we are offering our popular “Intro to Photography” seminar. It is perfect for the person who has a new digital SLR camera but does not know how to get the most out of it.
Date: Tuesday September 20, 2011
Time: 5-9PM
Location: 2615 Peach Street
Cost: $59
Alumni are welcome any time, at no cost!
Bring: Your camera and lenses and any other toys you have.
For a summary of the session, click here.

Give us a call or email if you’d like to attend!

Senior Portraits in Erie: Lizzie’s Horses

Thursday evening we had another fair weather night. It was a bit overcast and warm outside, but we actually had great light for Lizzie’s portraits.
Here are a couple of images with one of her horses:
We captured many great images outdoors at her favorite places. Then we headed indoors to our studio for more images.  Lizzie is a singer, so we captured this great image with a microphone:
Here is another great image in black and white:
And another in color:

Lizzie, great images. Many more are on the way!

Leo – Erie Photography

Monday was Leo’s night for images. We captured some great images indoors.
 Leo enjoys golf, among other sports.  This next image is a great sepia toned image. The original follows. I love my “ladder” shots!
 I really like this black and white image. Yes, it’s a serious pose, but it’s noble!
Leo, I have some very interesting plans for the second half of your session. You’ll just have to wait for the fun!