Erie Family Portraits: Extended!

We had a great session the other day, where I captured images of a nice large family group.  Pursuing a lead I saw in one of my professional photography magazines, I captured a series of four images with the same backdrop and lighting and created this interesting linear arrangement.  I can’t even call it a collage.
The editing was a little tricky but as I work on my technique I’ll have it down!

Oh, and join Groupon and tell your friends to do the same.  You may see something about me there soon!

Preparing for Christmas

I’ll give you three guesses as to what the ladies did this afternoon after returning from shopping.  Here are the clues:

Technical details: Canon 50D, 50mm f/1.8 lens, ISO800.  Some tweaking after capture.

I think we now have about 10 cookie varieties including these cutouts.  And me watching my figure!

New eBooks and Website!

Today I launched my new website for photography education, and announce the availability of four eBooks on the Amazon Kindle platform.
New Website
The website is called, and will become the central point for my education and training products and services.  I purchased the domain last week, and just built the website from a nice clean template.  It still needs work, but it’s a good bare-bones website, and it is giving me experience in the HTML world again!
Photography eBooks
I published four eBooks over the last week, all available at in the Kindle section:
I’ll be listing my upcoming seminars and other activities on the website, and will be adding a few more eBooks over the holidays.  Please check them out and let me know your thoughts!

My existing website at will remain focused on my portrait photography business.  In this way, I’m separating the photography activities from the “teaching photography” activities.

Erie Photography: Photography Classes in January

In January, we’ll be offering our new Winter Series on Adventures in Photography. Set in three Saturday sessions in January 2011, we’ll teach the new camera owner how to master the digital SLR camera, lighting, and editing.
The three sessions are $39 each (for four hours of instruction), or $99 for all three sessions.
For my Blog followers, I’m offering an early bird special of $79 if purchased before December 22nd. That’s 12 hours of instruction for an incredible price!
These classes make wonderful gifts for the camera lover in your family, especially if they (or you) receive a camera from Santa!
If you would like a nice certificate to present as a gift, you can contact me and I will print and mail it to you or the lucky recipient.
This is a great way to learn more about photography. For more information on the seminars, click here.

Order soon – class sizes are limited!