Harbor Creek Homecoming

While I was out shooting a wedding, my Jenny had her last Homecoming dance. Being the class prez, she had to organize a lot of it and was generally stressing. So these images of her relaxing a bit are nice to see.
Momma, you did just fine in taking photos in my absence. Jen and Mike, you looked great!

Erie Wedding Photography: Kristie and Garrett

Thankfully, Saturday October 10th found a break from the rain. Dawning gloomy, it turned into a perfect October afternoon for Kristie and Garrett’s wedding in Lawrence Park.

Here is an image during the ceremony at the Lawrence Park United Methodist Church.

Following the ceremony and formals, we adjourned for some interesting outdoor images in the park nearby the church.
Then, we headed to Capers for the reception. This is a very well decorated reception hall, featuring the works of many local artists. It lends a very classy look to any wedding, and their catering menu is very sophisticated and tasty.

Kristie and Garrett: Congratulations! Thank you, and we wish you the best!

Erie Hockey

I had a chance to snap a few images recently at the Otter’s home opener. The ice fools the exposure meter, much like shooting on snow.

I set a good white balance for the lights, but found that I needed to overexpose quite a bit to get the ice looking white. I had my 70-200mm f/2.8 at around f/3.5 and ISO1000 on my Canon 50D.

These shots are pushed even farther in post processing to restore the ice’s brightness.

I doubt I’ll make a living at hockey photography, but if I do more, I’ll know to tweak the exposure compensation even more!

The game was exciting – going into OT for the eventual loss to London.


These flags used by the Harbor Creek Marching Huskies are all handmade. Led by Mrs. Tackett, a crew of volunteers works many hours to design and create these flags, which are a great part of the overall effect of the performance.

Here are some images of the flags and the ladies who work so hard to handle and throw them. Without the dedication of both the color guard members and staff, and the support team to create the flags, the show would not be nearly as interesting and effective.

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes – Jenny’s Jewels

Today was a good day for a walk! We started at 6:00 AM setting the stage for the bands. The recently-named band “Steve” opened, followed by Brooklyn Sphynx for the wrapup.

Our team, Jenny’s Jewels, had at least 60 members this year. With great support from family, friends, band and school faculty, it was one of the largest teams in attendance at this year’s Erie walk. And we had the brightest T-shirts in the lot!

Many thanks to all who participated and supported the walk. Special thanks to Linda and John Huegel who once again provided a great after-walk picnic.

Given all that has happened lately, we are certainly anxious to see a Cure!

If you would still like to sponsor Jenny’s Jewels, you can go to http://www.jdrf.org and search for Jenny’s Jewels under the Northwest PA walk. We always welcome donations!

Cider Day!

Here are some images from our recent Cider Day. My father owns an antique cider press and has allowed friends and family to gather each fall to press apples and share in this tradition.

The press is over 100 years old and is entirely hand-operated. The apples are cleaned and rinsed and run through a crusher, which deposits the apple bits into a barrel. This barrel is moved to a press stage where the juice is pressed out and the remaining pomace is composted.

This year we produced well in excess of 60 gallons of cider. A good variety of apples and sometimes pears are used to create a good blend. Whether enjoyed fresh, canned or fermented into hard cider, the fall pressing is a great way to honor the autumn season!