Harbor Creek Marching Band – Bradford PA

The HCHS Marching band played very well today despite the rain and generally crappy weather. Here are some images from the pre-show warmups. I didn’t shoot during the performance as it was raining and my camera would not have fared well.

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Harborcreek Band: McDowell Competition

The key to a “Night Terrors” show is the auxiliary. The music can be as creepy as possible, but without great visual and story support, the show won’t work.

This week we introduced the zombie factor to the show. The outfits were incredible. The makeup was strong, and the attitude was nice and freaky.

Ladies, you certainly brought the scare to the show. Let’s keep it going and increase the fright factor at each show!

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Alex is a musician. He covers a wide variety of styles and instruments. We set out on Saturday to capture some great images.

The first image is near some abandoned properties along the lake. I creeped out the background a bit and brought through the “Night Terrors” T-shirt colors.
The next shot is a “shredder” shot. He plays in some rock bands, but doesn’t often rock out on this instrument.

Nice shots, Alex. More to come.