Jared plays golf, baseball, basketball and bowls. Friday we captured some great indoor and outdoor images including some golf shots at Lawrence Park.

Even though this shot doesn’t show Jared’s face, I think it symbolizes Jared’s Senior year – the school golf shirt, the NC cap and pin, and the great diagonal line from the driver.

The next shot is from one of my favorite graffiti walls at 26th and peach.

We finished with some interesting indoor images.

Great session, Jared!

Channeling Jerry Goldsmith

The theme for this years’ HCHS band show is “Night Terrors”. It features music from several horror movies, including sections from Poltergeist.

Jerry Goldsmith was the orchestrator for the music from this great thriller, as well as many others. He also influenced Charlie Clouse, the composer for much of the music from the Saw movies.

These and other horror movie composers added a great dimension to each film. Over the moving picture and dialog, they painted a layer of fear, excitement and foreboding to the movies with their instrumentation, composition and performance. It is these feelings that this band will reproduce musically, and support the general dramatic performance of the “Night Terrors” show.

This first image shows the musical director apparently grabbing the vibe of Jerry in preparation for a “Run Through!”.

The spirit evidently took hold as even the rookie band members were caught up in the vibe that was pulsing through the field on this last day of band camp.

Come out and see the show…if you have the guts!

They Call The Wind Mariah

Tonight was Mariah’s night for photos. We started inside with her cousins, and then headed up to Mercyhurst campus. Following some great lower Peach images, we had a threatening rainstorm that we worked around, and ended up with some great beach photos (in the light rain).


Tonight we almost cancelled owing to expected bad weather. Then we decided to go for it and ended up with perfect photo weather, including a fabulous sunset. I locked my keys in my car. There were bugs and spiders. We had traffic issues. But we got some great images, from the North East train museum to the Presque Isle beach and indoors, Kalli had a winning smile and we captured some wonderful photos!