Flying Dancer

You may know that I am fond of leap images. Here is a great shot of my daughter Jenny during a recent dance class.

Beore the recital, I take images of each dance class and put together a set of slide shows for the dance recital. It’s a great way to celebrate the year of dance and showcase some of the different classes and dance styles.

Each year I try to add a few different unique images. This year we’re trying some different group poses and some different slow shutter speed images.

To get these leaps though, I needed a fast lens (2.8), fast exposure (1/250), and high ISO.

Stretching Dancer

Dancers, like all athletes, need to warm up. Depending on the type of dance, the warmups vary based on the type of dance. For ballet, they warm up on the barre with gentle stretches and ballet forms. For tap, they may run drills to limber up those toes. For jazz, hip-hop and acro, the dancers need to stretch and limber the whole body.

Here is a stretch that works not only the leg muscles, particularly the hamstrings, but the back as well. A sign of a good dancer is one who will warm up on their own, so they will minimize their risk of injury, and are ready to dance when the instructor arrives.

Baby and Child Photography in Erie

Here’s Charlie at 2 years of age. He’s doing his best imitation of a pendulum at the playground. We pushed him on the swing and he had a grand time!

Charlie and his new brother took some time out of their day to pose for us. Both were great subjects.

Shot in available light, Charlie’s photos were full of color and motion, just like a 2 year old’s life!

Mirror, Mirror

It’s not a case of split personality. When shooting action in dance studios, I often shoot into the mirror instead of the room – it changes the look of the image. In this case the mirror panes split right at the center, and Brooklyn’s image was partially duplicated.

I thought the resulting image was neat. I especially like her shirt – I call it the HOLLLLISTER effect!

Hide the Cheese!

Here is a portrait of a young mouse. She is a friend of Angelina Ballerina, and she likes to dance. She is very busy and curious, but she will occasionally sit still for a photograph. She likes to make funny faces, and has a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

She spends her days at school, and her nights studying and practicing to be a great dancer. She is very dedicated and has already learned many dances. She has lots of dancer friends and always has a smile on her face.

Last Sunday, she and her friends gave their day to share their love of dance with some young ladies and their mothers at Angelina’s Dance Party. This party was a lot of fun for the guests, their parents, the WQLN team and the dance family that works together every year to put on a great party for the kids.

If you see a mouse with a dancing costume around town, thank them for volunteering their time to bring Angelina’s Dance Party to Erie!

Black and White Photography in Erie, PA

When I’m setting up to shoot groups of people, I often will grab an unsuspecting subject and fire off a few quick shots. This confirms that my metering is correct and my light and camera setup is ready to go.

This was my high key setup for the Angelina Ballerina photos, which I shot on Sunday.

Julianna came along for the day as her sister was in the production. She was nice enough to volunteer to help me for the brief but exciting periods when I was photographing the young guests, and to stand in as my test subject.

I took the image and did a quick conversion using the Channel Mixer, emphasizing the reds (skin tone) and bringing down the blues. This is a far better method to convert to black and white than simply letting the program desaturate the image to grey scale, as you can control the amount of red, blue and green signal that gets into the final black and white image.

Then I did a bit of contrast enhancement with Levels and the image was ready to go!

Nice shot Jules! And thanks for your help!

Angelina Ballerina: WQLN Benefit

Today, Paula and Judy’s Dance Connection performed their sixth annual performance for WQLN. Titled “Angelina Ballerina”, each year the troupe performs to a reading of one of the Angelina Ballerina titles. There are two to three performances, attended by scores of young girls who love dancing and love Angelina.

This year the troupe performed at the legendary East Erie Turner’s club ballroom. This image is taken from the entrance, through an arch and showing some of the dancers and the young guests on the dance floor.

I photographed the event, provided sound, and also took photographs of the young guests with the Angelina character as an additional fund raiser for WQLN.

The performances were very entertaining, and the guests had a wonderful time!