Your Tin Roof…Rusted!

This image taken of Megan was made after sunset. Heading back from our many outdoor locations, we came upon this great industrial scene on West 12th street in Erie. Megan’s hair color and top were very compatible with the tones in the rusted metal of this building.

This was taken at a high ISO – around 1200 I believe, to allow for a 1/125 hand-held exposure. A bit of contrast and color saturation boost in post-process made this image sing!

The Calm Before The Storm

This was taken with Jake facing west, about 30 minutes before a serious rainstorm came in. You can see the reflection of the impending deluge in the windows behind him. This was taken with a wide angle lens from the grass level to pick up the building behind Jake.

The image was edited to show the strong colors and the dark environment of the overcast, stormy skies. Using the Curves function, the low and high ends were emphasized.

Shannon’s Eyes

This image was captured at the beach, right around sunset. There was no direct source of light, so the even, diffuse light created a smoothly lit image. A touch of fill flash was used, as evidenced by the tiny catch lights in Shannon’s eyes. She is looking directly at the setting sun, but the cloud cover limited the intensity of the sunlight. The image was taken with an ISO of 640 to allow for a hand-held shot at 1/100 sec.

The black and white levels were emphasized in post production using the curves function. This combined with the low depth of focus created a nice abstract background with highly saturated greens and other earth tones.

Capturing the Trick

This took a bit of time to set up. Keeping my camera very steady, setting the camera to the rapid-fire shutter mode, and locking the exposure parameters, we caught several images of Ryan during this skateboard flip. Then in post-production I cut, aligned and pasted Ryan’s image into a composite image. The result looks pretty neat!

Lydia’s Rose

Here we have a lovely image of Lydia displaying one of her dresses. The rose happened to match very well. This is a good example of the kinds of images we can capture indoors at the client’s location. This was a three-light setup against a tall black backdrop. Great smile, Lydia!

Pink and Blue

Here’s a great shot of Stephanie against a white background. I like how the blue and pink stand out. This shot was from a four-light “High Key” setup on location at Stephanie’s residence. Nice shot Stephanie!