Run Around Erie

Sunday September 28th, 2008 saw the 12th annual Run Around Erie. This is a friendly 15k race and non-competitive 5k and 1 mile walk/run. The proceeds benefit Gaudenzia Erie, a substance abuse treatment organization. This is one of Gaudenzia’s larger fund-raising events. With refreshments provided by Tim Horton’s, the morning started out great.

This year over 150 runners and walkers turned out. The weather was slightly dreary, but great for running. Temperatures in the mid-60’s, overcast skies, moderate breeze and the smallest touch of drizzle.

Kevin Slagle won the 15k with a time of 59:26. That’s quite a pace to set for 9.3 miles!

A great awards ceremony including door prizes and some great awards capped off the day. To see the Run Around Erie race photos, check out the main website here, or go directly to the album here.

Fresh Apple Cider!

Today was my Dad’s annual cider pressing. For at least 15 years we have pressed fresh cider using an old hand-operated cider press of my father’s that dates back to the late 1800’s. The apples are collected, washed and placed in bins to drain. Then they are poured into a hopper and crushed by turning a crank handle that spins an iron flywheel and operates the crusher. The crushed apples fall into an open barrel, and when that is full, it moves under the press.The screw press squeezes the apples and pure fresh juice flows from the press into a collecting pan. After a filtration step, the cider is blended and siphoned into clean gallon jugs. Over 100 gallons of cider was pressed today. There is nothing like the taste of fresh cider straight from this antique machine!

A great dinner and lots of friendship and adventures for kids and adults alike makes for a great fall weekend experience. Thanks Dad and Linda for a great Cider Day!

Jenny’s Jewels

On Sunday September 21, 2008 we participated in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. This is maybe our 8th year, and this time Jenny organized kids from the Harbor Creek Band and from the HCHS Junior Class and the entire school. Given no homecoming nor competitions the day prior, we had a great turnout. Here are at least 60 walkers for Jenny’s Jewels team.

A good time was had by all. Two HCHS bands played and we supported the cause very well. Many thanks to all who participated and supported the walkers. I’ll update the Blog once I know the total donations from our team.

Good Dog

I often photograph seniors and families with their pets. It’s amazing how many people have dogs and include them in their family plans and photography sessions.

This chocolate lab was in a few pictures with Jake. I saw her sitting nicely, looking happy and just had to capture her photo by herself.

Good Dog!

Jenny’s Jacket

Here’s my daughter Jenny in her Drum Major “uniform”. This year’s theme is Fade to Black, featuring the music of Metallica and Led Zeppelin. So the two drum majors chose a rocker theme for their outfits instead of the normal uniform. It adds a nice touch.

This one was taken in my front yard with my 200mm telephoto. Notice the fuzzy warm background. A touch of fill flash was used to eliminate shadows by the eyes.

Check out the band here.

Joe’s Truck

Joe is a swimmer, soccer player, drum major, trumpet player and volunteer fireman. This busy guy took some time out Sunday to capture some senior and family images.

It was hot and windy, but not too bad for an outdoor shoot. Short hair does have its advantages!

Thanks Joe and family for a great session. And thank you and all the firefighters for what you do.

More images are on the way!

Jake’s Outdoors

Jake is an outdoorsman. Hunter, fisher and Eagle Scout, his work and his interests take him outdoors. So we spent much of the evening outside in McKean Township, capturing some great images. Here’s a shot taken at sunset. You can see the reflection of the sun in the barn window.

Thanks Jake. You’ll see more images soon!