Crosstown Traffic?

This was made from about 200 glowsticks on a dance stage. The final hip-hop number at Paula and Judy’s Dance Connection’s 2008 showcase ends with a routine in total darkness with glowsticks as the light source. I did a real slow shutter and zoomed manually as the shutter was open, catching that zoom effect. You can see the reflections on the disco ball at the top of the frame.

I had a great vantage point for this – the light and sound booth. We had a great run of two nights and we learned a lot about lighting and effects and coordinating a show from the booth.


I caught this great shot at my daughter’s high school graduation. I knew the kids were going to throw their hats…I just waited for the right moment.

Indoors, high ISO, using my 2.8 lens at Erie’s Warner Theater.

Somehow this captures the excitement and release of the end of the graduation process.

I spend a lot of time working with Juniors and Seniors on their Senior photos and other high school activities. I appreciate their combination of energy and optimism… and often a timidness that gradually fades away as they approach graduation time.

Washington DC Band Trip

Our Harbor Creek High School marching band went to Washington DC this spring. We were fortunate to tour the mall both at night and during the day. The band performed at the WWII memorial and we toured the Smithsonian as well as other great landmarks including Arlington National Cemetery and the Iwo Jima memorial.

Shown here is the Korean War memorial. The day we toured this memorial, the president of South Korea had visited and presented a memorial wreath to the USA.

I had my 7MP waterproof Pentax camera with me which captured some great shots. I only wish I’d have brought my batter charger. I lost the charge halfway through the trip.

A Church in Transition

Today I took photos at a special liturgy (mass) in recognition of the priests, nuns and members of the monastery of our Byzantine Catholic Church. Our church, St. Peter and Paul in Erie, PA, is in transition from the more contemporary Latin influenced style of the late 20th century to the more traditional Byzantine style complete with painted icons, an iconostas (icon screen), and new restoration all over the church. Here’s another session that I shot in available light, combining window light through stained glass and flourescent highlighs in the church. Most of the images were at very high ISO and low shutter speed which I shot with a variety of lenses on a monopod.

The church restoration will be complete next June and we will have a great rededication ceremony for the church and our growing community. One interesting difference between Byzantine Catholic and Roman Catholic is that the entire service (divine liturgy) is sung and chanted – there are no musical instruments. It is very solemn and spirutal.