Senior Portraits: Using the Erie Environment

I build my senior business model around unique location images. I am always on the look for new and interesting locations and backdrops for senior shots. One of my favorites is the mural wall between Peach and Sassafras streets around 15th. Supported by funding from Logistics Plus, this is a block-wide mural done in grafitti paint. The artists did an incredible job of showing their creativity and painting a bit of Erie. You can see Niagara-style ships in a stormy gun battle, the Presque Isle bay, and some futuristic scenery reminiscent of Dr Suess.

Many of my seniors will visit here and capture some shots. The wide variety of artwork and colors means that each senior will be able to match their personality and clothing to some aspect of Erie’s great wall.

This shot was taken from near the west end, and shows some of the varieties of color available. My assistant Lauren is chillin’ in the foreground.