Kaela’s Senior Portraits in Erie

Tonight was a great summer-fall transition evening – cool, breezy and pleasant. The fluffy clouds appeared, but the skies were bright and blue.
Kaela started with some images of bridges and waterfalls near her home.  Here is a great early image:
We then moved to our downtown studio for some shots under studio lighting and using our great 110-year-old settings:
Next. we chose several outdoor settings that Kaela enjoyed, including a fire escape and a few other locations:
But the real treat of the evening was this late August sunset. I see these just a couple times a year. It requires a clear day with some fluffy clouds passing by:
It’s called “Second Sunset”, where the sun underlights closer clouds. There was actually a “Third Sunset” that we saw on the way home, hitting the higher cirrus clouds. 

Kaela, you are a lucky lady! And you had some great images tonight!

Senior Pictures in Erie: Caitlin

Tonight was Caitlin’s evening for senior pictures. We started in the studio and captured several nice images there. Here’s a great casual image on one of our interesting backgrounds:
Then we headed outdoors for a fine summer evening of photography.
Here’s a first at this location, using a neat purple building:
We grabbed this great image with the Erie shoreline behind Caitlin:

The sun and sky were very bright tonight. I had to blaze all of my fill lights at full power to match the sun and capture this great portrait:

Later, we took this nice beach side portrait:

The setting sun and some nice fill light balanced out this portrait very well.

Thanks Caitlin! You have some great images here and more on the way in your proof book!

Senior Beach Portraits in Erie: Jordyn

Jordyn came over tonight and we worked with her on her senior portraits. 
We captured some great indoor images, including this one with her dog Josie:
Josie was a very good dog, and had a wonderful night as we headed outdoors for some more images with Jordyn. Here’s one in my personal favorite spot:
I take many seniors to this great location. I just love the lighting and the great old rusty setting.
We popped over to the Erie Bayfront, in front of Smuggler’s Wharf, for some early evening images like this one:
I love those posts with the colored paint!
Then on to the beach!  The weather was nice, but the sun was shy, and about 20 minutes before true sunset, it hid behind a cloud bank across the lake. But no worries, we caught this great “sunset” shot and many more:
Then, we caught many more images of the colored sky and some lakeside shots, like this great shot:

Jordyn, it was a pleasure working with you!

Erie in Winter: Images of a Frozen Lake

Last winter I had the chance to stop by Shade’s Beach just before sunset. The lake was frozen and the ice dunes were crowding the shoreline. I watched a family and their dog trek out perhaps 1/2 mile onto the ice, returning just as the evening’s light disappeared. The sun set quickly, and it was very quiet. The images I returned with are surreal, as few Erie residents actually witness the lakeshore in this state – still, barren, yet painted with color.

This year we still have a liquid lake for the time being. We’ll have to see whether we will have a walkable lake in early 2009.

I added this image and several other winter lake images to my gallery of Lake Erie images. Have a look and enjoy the beauty of Erie’s lakefront.