Cider Day!

Here are some images from our recent Cider Day. My father owns an antique cider press and has allowed friends and family to gather each fall to press apples and share in this tradition.

The press is over 100 years old and is entirely hand-operated. The apples are cleaned and rinsed and run through a crusher, which deposits the apple bits into a barrel. This barrel is moved to a press stage where the juice is pressed out and the remaining pomace is composted.

This year we produced well in excess of 60 gallons of cider. A good variety of apples and sometimes pears are used to create a good blend. Whether enjoyed fresh, canned or fermented into hard cider, the fall pressing is a great way to honor the autumn season!

Fresh Apple Cider!

Today was my Dad’s annual cider pressing. For at least 15 years we have pressed fresh cider using an old hand-operated cider press of my father’s that dates back to the late 1800’s. The apples are collected, washed and placed in bins to drain. Then they are poured into a hopper and crushed by turning a crank handle that spins an iron flywheel and operates the crusher. The crushed apples fall into an open barrel, and when that is full, it moves under the press.The screw press squeezes the apples and pure fresh juice flows from the press into a collecting pan. After a filtration step, the cider is blended and siphoned into clean gallon jugs. Over 100 gallons of cider was pressed today. There is nothing like the taste of fresh cider straight from this antique machine!

A great dinner and lots of friendship and adventures for kids and adults alike makes for a great fall weekend experience. Thanks Dad and Linda for a great Cider Day!