Rebecca’s Senior Pictures in Erie and Harborcreek

Rebecca is an Erie Otters hockey fan. We were able to capture some senior pictures at the Erie Insurance Arena, where they were conditioning the ice for the upcoming hockey season.

IMG_5116  IMG_5122

We headed up to Penn State Behrend campus for some nice outdoor senior pictures.

IMG_5128 The library wall is a favorite location of mine, as the rock is colorful and natural looking.

Rebecca is also a trumpet player, and was proud to show her trumpet collection and her Harborcreek band uniform.

IMG_5153 IMG_5171

We finished after sunset at a secret location that had some great light and interesting settings for senior pictures.


Amazing images, Rebecca!

Erie Senior Pictures: Abby

IMG_4971fx web

Abby had some specific ideas about her senior pictures. Starting in North East at the railroad museum, we captured some great outdoor images. We headed to the beach and other locations for more senior portraits, hit the zoo for some great “giraffe selfies” and finished indoors after dark.


Abby is a culinary student and plans to study the culinary arts in college. Great senior pictures, Abby!

IMG_5092 web

Night Terrors

A great performance by a great band! You guys really “creeped it up!”

Here are some group shots we took before the show.

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These flags used by the Harbor Creek Marching Huskies are all handmade. Led by Mrs. Tackett, a crew of volunteers works many hours to design and create these flags, which are a great part of the overall effect of the performance.

Here are some images of the flags and the ladies who work so hard to handle and throw them. Without the dedication of both the color guard members and staff, and the support team to create the flags, the show would not be nearly as interesting and effective.

Harbor Creek Marching Band – Bradford PA

The HCHS Marching band played very well today despite the rain and generally crappy weather. Here are some images from the pre-show warmups. I didn’t shoot during the performance as it was raining and my camera would not have fared well.

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Harborcreek Band: McDowell Competition

The key to a “Night Terrors” show is the auxiliary. The music can be as creepy as possible, but without great visual and story support, the show won’t work.

This week we introduced the zombie factor to the show. The outfits were incredible. The makeup was strong, and the attitude was nice and freaky.

Ladies, you certainly brought the scare to the show. Let’s keep it going and increase the fright factor at each show!

More photos at for viewing.

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