Sarah Jane

Today was an interesting day for senior images. Sarah and I traveled downtown for some interesting shots in the snow and sunlight, then indoors for some unique high-key and other photos. Then we headed to the fire hall.

Sarah is, among other things, a dancer and a firefighter. We decided to try to capture both in one shot tonight.

Here’s one resulting image. On the back of one of the fire trucks, Sarah is in ballet costume, pointe shoes and wearing her helmet.

Shot using available light and some fill from a camera attached flash and Gary Fong Lightsphere, this image was one of the final shots of the evening. Thanks Sarah for a great senior session. More images will be coming soon!

Joe’s Truck

Joe is a swimmer, soccer player, drum major, trumpet player and volunteer fireman. This busy guy took some time out Sunday to capture some senior and family images.

It was hot and windy, but not too bad for an outdoor shoot. Short hair does have its advantages!

Thanks Joe and family for a great session. And thank you and all the firefighters for what you do.

More images are on the way!