Lakeland and Central Florida Nature Photographs

When I first transferred from Pennsylvania to Lakeland Florida, I had some spare time on my hands, and decided to check out some of the local parks and capture some images of birds and the great hiking trails and water scenes available.

Here are a couple of images from Lettuce Lake Park near Tampa. The wooden walkways allow you to get very close to the water – to see the animals and get up close to the Mangrove trees.

IMG_7570 IMG_7595 IMG_7600 IMG_7607

IMG_7623The trails over land are also impressive. I really enjoy seeing Spanish moss in the trees here in Florida. IMG_7626

I plan to spend more time in Florida’s amazing parks, and do some hiking on the trails!

Scenic Erie Photos to Purchase

In my travels this summer, I have gathered quite a list of nice images of Erie. Most of them are sunsets, but there are a few others. I intend to grow this list as I continue my outdoor photography in Erie.

If you are interested in scenic images of Erie and the area, click here to visit our Erie Scenery Gallery. Prints and other items can be purchased there. Or, if you’re just in the mood for some nice scenery, take a couple of minutes to appreciate the beauty of our Erie area.