IUP: An Evening of Dance and Percussion

Last Saturday evening, we were treated to a great performance. The IUP Dance and music departments put together their annual joint production, entitled “An Evening of Dance and Percussion“. Set to a backdrop of percussion (drums, steel drums, mallet instruments , other percussion and a bass guitar), there were eight distinct performances ranging from ballet to latin and african.

The audience response was terrific. The musicianship was top notch and the dancing was as always wonderful. The pace of the show was brisk, and the variety kept everyone’s interest.

This image is taken from an audience favorite: Frankenstein. This song, originally recorded by Edgar Winter Group, is a classic rock instrumental from 1973. The director and musicians all appeared in their hippie digs.

This image was taken from the balcony with my new Canon 50D. Settings were: f/2.8 and 1/80 sec indoors at ISO1600 on a 70-200 zoom, using a monopod for stabilization. The colors came out very bright, and the noise was quite low.

And…my daughter Kelly is in the top left of the image! Rock on!

Off to College!

A momentous occasion today: move-in day for freshmen students. Here’s my daughter and her new roommate on the way to spend a small fortune on books. Dorms, meal plans, learning the campus, meeting old and new friends, doing your own laundry…the adventures are endless!

Kelly, we’re very proud of you and we know you’ll have a great time and you’ll do your best. Have a wonderful experience at college.