Erie Dance Photography: Ballet Dancer in Natural Light

Here is a lovely image of Leslie, taken during our test sessions last week. Leslie is an experienced ballet dancer, and posed with us in a gorgeous pointe costume with iridescent skirt and black jeweled top.

This image was taken in natural daylight against a 110-year-old brick wall. Our suite resides inside an old classroom of the Franklin School, built in the late 1890’s. It has all the character of an old school, incredible light and more.

This spring, we’ll be focusing (pun intended) on professional dance portraiture. If you are interested in the best dance imagery possible, contact us. Not only do we have the studio and the equipment to capture both natural light and strobe photography, but we have have years of dance and portrait experience and literally thousands of images which speak to our abilities to produce stunning dance imagery.

Contact us at (814) 881-2840 or through our contact form at to arrange for a custom dance portrait session. Don’t settle for amateur images – demand the best for your dancers!

Alexa’s Frame

Here’s Alexa in an interesting pose at one of our favorite photo locations. We had a great weather day for photos. Cool and a bit windy, but sunny and clear. From the Penn State campus to several downtown locations, finishing at the beach, we took a lot of great images. Thanks Alexa!

Liz’s Corner

Just when I thought it would be a rainout, we had a great shooting evening, with slightly overcast skies, pleasant temperatures and a light breeze. We even had a surprisingly nice sunset at the beach.

Liz and her Mom traveled with us to several locations in town, then to Frontier Park, then the beach. Following that, we did some indoor work.

Here’s a new corner that we found. I’m crazy about bricks and ivy. I’ll name it for Liz since she was the first of our seniors to use it.

Liz, great photos!