Lake Erie Senior Portraits: Rebecca

Perfect weather for senior portraits tonight. Deep blue skies, 80 degrees, a nice breeze, and no hint of the rain that pounded us earlier today.
Rebecca started in the studio. We captured some really nice indoor images. The first was against a plain black background, and the second against “high key” white:
We matched the colors on her top with some gels in our background light for this interesting image:
Then we shifted to natural light in the studio for this image against one of our brick walls, with the amazing north-facing light we have:
Look at how soft the light is coming from the left. I finished it in a gentle BW/sepia finish.
We ventured outdoors after the studio session, and among other settings, we captured this great image at an incredible Presque Isle sunset:

Lovely images, Rebecca! It was a pleasure working with you!

Erie Senior Portraits: Meaghan

Monday was a classic summer portrait day: Hot, muggy and the radar projection was showing all manner of badness about to happen.
Meaghan worked with us in studio for a couple of hours, focusing mostly on dance images, including this lovely black and white portrait:
Then we ventured outdoors, eventually arriving at one of my favorite walls:
I love the jeans and boots look in this image!
Considering the weather was so threatening, we did not have high expectations for sunset. However, the clouds parted and we experienced one of the most colorful and intense sunsets that I have seen in quite some time. Here is the sun about ten minutes before setting:
Look at that beautiful warm light. We’re throwing a bit of light back to Meaghan so she is not silhouetted by the strong backlight of the sun and sky.
This dance image was taken after sunset. Note the intensity of the colors in the sky. We emphasize these through underexposure of the background:
Again, front/side lighting is necessary to render the details of the dancer. We simply turned off the lights to render this lovely silhouette of essentially the same pose:

Meaghan, your images are lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to capture your senior portraits. 

Coming Soon: Stay tuned for an “In the Box” dance collage featuring Meaghan!

Erie Senior Portraits: Gina

Tonight was one of those days when the weather could have turned out badly, but it stayed overcast, and ended up being perfect for senior portraits.
Gina was a great subject and we captured many fine images with her musical instruments and in many locations, including our studio and the beach.
The sunset was amazing.  With no breeze and no surf, the water reflected the sky.

Great images, Gina!

Elizabeth’s Seashore

Elizabeth had a perfect summer evening for her senior portraits. We went to several of her favorite locations and ended up at Shade’s Beach in Harborcreek at sunset. We took several great shots while the sun was on the way down, and then caught some great sunset photos as well.
Then it was indoors for some great images shot with lights and backdrops.

Great images, Liz! Plenty more are on the way!

Senior Sunset Shots on Erie’s Beaches

This silhouette of Alexa was taken about 10 minutes before sunset. I had her face me but turn her head to profile, and pop her hip to create an interesting line with her left arm. The mix of sky, water and sand is roughly in thirds, creating an interesting background effect.

The day of Alexa’s session had perfect weather for sunset shots. I kept any fill light or flash off to emphasize shape and form. In my editor, I emphasized the color intensity and contrast levels with the Curves tool, added a brush border and a quick frame.

For the actual sunset shots, I did provide some fill light to balance Alexa against the background light levels. But I can’t resist a good silhouette shot!

Shannon’s Eyes

This image was captured at the beach, right around sunset. There was no direct source of light, so the even, diffuse light created a smoothly lit image. A touch of fill flash was used, as evidenced by the tiny catch lights in Shannon’s eyes. She is looking directly at the setting sun, but the cloud cover limited the intensity of the sunlight. The image was taken with an ISO of 640 to allow for a hand-held shot at 1/100 sec.

The black and white levels were emphasized in post production using the curves function. This combined with the low depth of focus created a nice abstract background with highly saturated greens and other earth tones.

Jake’s Outdoors

Jake is an outdoorsman. Hunter, fisher and Eagle Scout, his work and his interests take him outdoors. So we spent much of the evening outside in McKean Township, capturing some great images. Here’s a shot taken at sunset. You can see the reflection of the sun in the barn window.

Thanks Jake. You’ll see more images soon!