Amanda’s senior pictures

Another great evening was spent capturing Amanda’s senior pictures. We started at Wintergreen Gorge and took a few nice images, including this shot:



We traveled to downtown Erie and went to one of my favorite locations for a nice image among the bricks:


We headed to the bayfront for some sunny shots, including this image among the posts and birds:


We finished at the beach with this great shot:


Great images, Amanda! There are many more coming in your proofs!


Senior Pictures in Erie: Kara

Kara’s senior pictures adventure started at Wintergreen Gorge. I have a couple of beat up chairs that I occasionally bring, and this one seemed right for her in this setting.


We had a couple of other great settings for senior pictures in the same location:


Then we headed downtown to some of my favorite city locations. Kara chose a few great graffiti pieces featuring her favorite colors:


Then we headed to the beach. Here’s a great image under a favorite picnic shelter that she had great memories as a kid:


We got a great profile picture with the early evening sun, just before sunset:


For some seniors, Erie senior pictures are not complete with out some sunset beach pictures!


Wonderful images, Kara! I hope you and your family enjoy your senior pictures!




Erie Dance Photography: Haley’s Beach Pictures

IMG_5218 WC Web

Haley is a young dancer who wanted to have some interesting dance pictures taken at Presque Isle Beach at sunset. So we picked a clear day and had an adventure!


As we approached sunset, we carefully mixed the right amount of light to get a nice colorful early evening sky. Haley thought ahead and we buried a board under the sand so her pointe shoes would not sink into the sand.


Here’s a great image right at sunset. The waves were a bit high, but we were able to capture some great dance pictures. Great job Haley!

Winter Senior Portraits: Danielle

December 11th is not too late for Senior Portraits in Erie. We proved that today!
Even though we had temperatures in the 30’s, the sun was out and the wind was cooperative. Danielle was a trooper, posing for many shots in a sweater.
Here’s a great image with one of my newest backdrops in our studio:
And the lovely glass block wall that I like to haunt:
We found some nice red brick for a few images as well:
The birds were a bit annoyed, but we had a nice few images down at the dock as well.
 We finished at the beach. There weren’t too many others down there to get in our way. This looks just like summer…even though it was 50 degrees colder than summer beach weather!

Nice images, Danielle!

Senior Photography: Karli

We had a great day for Senior Portraits on Saturday. The weather was clear and warm, and we had plenty of time to work outdoors with Karli before the sun set.
 We stopped in at Frontier Park and captured some great fall images there.
 Then we went to the beach – nearly abandoned at this time of the year. We had a very nice sunset.
Karli is a dancer, so we captured a couple of leaps against the dusk lake horizon.
And of course, we offer full indoor studio services as well. Here’s a great image of Karli against one of our many backdrops.

Great images, Karli!

Senior Pictures in Erie: Michael

Michael and his family came up from Titusville this weekend to work with us. We started indoors and captured some great images under natural and studio light:
Then we headed outdoors and chose a few favorite locations. Michael’s sister was a senior of mine a couple of years ago, so the family had some ideas of places and images they wanted to see. 
Of course, we headed to my favorite wall:
And we headed to the beach for a few shots.

Great images, Michael! It was a pleasure working with you and your family!

Kaela’s Senior Portraits in Erie

Tonight was a great summer-fall transition evening – cool, breezy and pleasant. The fluffy clouds appeared, but the skies were bright and blue.
Kaela started with some images of bridges and waterfalls near her home.  Here is a great early image:
We then moved to our downtown studio for some shots under studio lighting and using our great 110-year-old settings:
Next. we chose several outdoor settings that Kaela enjoyed, including a fire escape and a few other locations:
But the real treat of the evening was this late August sunset. I see these just a couple times a year. It requires a clear day with some fluffy clouds passing by:
It’s called “Second Sunset”, where the sun underlights closer clouds. There was actually a “Third Sunset” that we saw on the way home, hitting the higher cirrus clouds. 

Kaela, you are a lucky lady! And you had some great images tonight!

Erie Senior Portraits: Jenna’s Journey

Jenna is a dancer. She is also a Senior, but what became clear to me tonight was that she thoroughly enjoys being a dancer.
We started in the studio with some great poses that she specifically wanted to try. Here is one on a black background, and another interesting one on white:
We photographed some other clothing changes as well. Here’s a nice black and white image of one outfit:
We then headed outdoors, hitting some of my favorite locations as well as a new one featuring sunflowers:
Then we hit the beach, and had a great time capturing some action shots of various leaps and other acrobatic and dance poses and moves:

Great images, Jenna! Many more to come soon!

Senior Pictures in Erie County: Claire

Tonight was Claire’s evening. We started at one of her favorite locations, the beautiful Lawrence Park Golf Club and captured several nice images on this wonderful late summer evening.
Following the initial outdoor images, we headed indoors for a few really neat images featuring Claire’s Harry Potter collection. I know my daughter will be envious of this image!
Next, we headed outdoors again for some more great Erie summer senior images. Here are a couple:

Great images, Claire! Thanks so much for choosing us for your senior portraits!