Erie’s Bayfront

During senior sessions we will occasionally stop by the bayfront for some photos. There are some iconic shots available with the water and the tower in the background, and there is this string of rusty posts heading off toward Run Runner’s that creates a great leading line and pattern.

In this shot, Kaylee is posed near the closest post. The sun is to camera left and so is the wind. This resulted in a casual, outdoor look.

A moderately open f-stop threw the background posts out of focus. An interesting sky with “Simpsons Clouds” tops the image.

Andy’s Reign

OK, so maybe I’ve been a little too confident about being able to influence the rain. We have had a real soaker of a weekend, so I figured it would dry out. And it did, until about 7:15. Then we got more water. There was one point where driving was a bit spooky with the heavy rain.

But we got the shots. Andy was a trooper and we hit many great locations, finishing at his personal pick for some interesting times.

Here’s a shot from the bayfront near the new hotel, looking north at the tower. Andy’s the one in the middle, getting his eyes burned out from the sun.

Good shots Andy!

Hannah’s Breeze

Hannah’s session was tucked neatly between two weather systems. The afternoon had a strong rainstorm which dried up by 3PM. Then we knew a system was sitting just west of us in Ashtabula, but it behaved and just gave us neat clouds and a brisk west wind for the outdoor portion of Hannah’s session.

We had some fun at several locations and finished with some really nice indoor photos. This image overlooks the new convention center hotel and bayfront with interesting clouds in the background and a bit of fill flash. The skies opened up just after we finished putting away our gear. Great timing!

Hannah, great session!

Jacob’s Bayfront

Wednesday started sunny, but as the day matured, we had a weather system literally circling our city. Rain cells to the southwest, wind from the east, patches of blue sky mixed with lightning. Jacob and his family were great sports. We worked through clouds, drizzle, wind and finally the system matured into a full blown downpour. Fortunately we had the great shots already taken. Here’s a great shot of Jacob taken down by Dobbins Landing. The rusty poles are great visuals, and the threatening clouds are a reminder of the interesting weather we enjoyed tonight. Jacob, thanks for the opportunity to take your senior images!