Senior Portraits in Erie: Lizzie’s Horses

Thursday evening we had another fair weather night. It was a bit overcast and warm outside, but we actually had great light for Lizzie’s portraits.
Here are a couple of images with one of her horses:
We captured many great images outdoors at her favorite places. Then we headed indoors to our studio for more images.  Lizzie is a singer, so we captured this great image with a microphone:
Here is another great image in black and white:
And another in color:

Lizzie, great images. Many more are on the way!

Senior Portraits in Erie: Alyssa

Alyssa’s two loves are horses and guitars. We focused on these tonight, and ended up with some amazing images.
Here are some images at her family farm with her favorite horse:
I was in a “texture” mood tonight, so a couple of these images have some special effects.
This one is pretty much straight out of the camera. There’s the family farm barn in the background.
Then we headed downtown for some indoor and outdoor images. Here are a couple. I got into a Black and White/Partial Color mood:
This one has a nice dramatic BW finish. But the key is the pose, and the tunnel effect from the Sas underpass.
 A different treatment of my rusty wall. Partial color on the tye-dye shirt.

Alyssa, you have many great images. I dig the Les Paul!