Lakeland Senior Pictures – Julia goes to the beach

In the last post, I wrote that Julia came down all the way from Erie, Pennsylvania for her senior pictures. My specialty in Erie was photographing seniors on the beaches of Lake Erie, and I often had senior dancers ask for poses and leaps at the beach at sunset. I developed an approach that allowed my seniors to capture a wide variety of images in a short period of time, including dance poses, silhouettes and leaps.

So  I was not surprised when Julia asked for the same, only Florida style. I was up for the challenge, and we headed West to the Gulf of Mexico.

Following a great dinner at Crabby Bills Indian Rocks Beach, we headed across the street to access the beach.

I usually capture a few images before we head to the water, just to set the mood. Here’s Julia with the dunes in the background. You have to be careful to stay away from the sea grass and other plants, as they are off limits!


Julia made some nice dance poses and leaps. Here are a couple, caught before the sunset became too colorful. I kept the flash off for these, to develop more of a silhouette effect.

IMG_7868 IMG_7872

Then we did a few senior poses with the developing sunset behind her. Note the balance of subject lighting with the water and the sky. That takes some practice to get right, especially at dusk, when the lighting levels are constantly changing.

IMG_7895 IMG_7906

Here is a leap that we caught during the sunset. The key with dance leaps is using a fast shutter, the right light in front, and balancing that with the color of the sky and sea behind the subject.


Overall it was a great session. Though the sunset was not as developed as I have seen, it did provide a great backdrop for senior pictures

Kaela’s Senior Portraits in Erie

Tonight was a great summer-fall transition evening – cool, breezy and pleasant. The fluffy clouds appeared, but the skies were bright and blue.
Kaela started with some images of bridges and waterfalls near her home.  Here is a great early image:
We then moved to our downtown studio for some shots under studio lighting and using our great 110-year-old settings:
Next. we chose several outdoor settings that Kaela enjoyed, including a fire escape and a few other locations:
But the real treat of the evening was this late August sunset. I see these just a couple times a year. It requires a clear day with some fluffy clouds passing by:
It’s called “Second Sunset”, where the sun underlights closer clouds. There was actually a “Third Sunset” that we saw on the way home, hitting the higher cirrus clouds. 

Kaela, you are a lucky lady! And you had some great images tonight!

Senior Photography in Erie: Victoria

Once again we sweated the weather, but Erie’s amazing summers came through. Victoria started in the studio 
with several nice outfits. We had a generous musician help us with this great piano image:
Above is another nice image from indoors. And below, we have a couple of images from Victoria’s beach session:
Lovely images, Victoria!

Senior Beach Portraits in Erie: Jordyn

Jordyn came over tonight and we worked with her on her senior portraits. 
We captured some great indoor images, including this one with her dog Josie:
Josie was a very good dog, and had a wonderful night as we headed outdoors for some more images with Jordyn. Here’s one in my personal favorite spot:
I take many seniors to this great location. I just love the lighting and the great old rusty setting.
We popped over to the Erie Bayfront, in front of Smuggler’s Wharf, for some early evening images like this one:
I love those posts with the colored paint!
Then on to the beach!  The weather was nice, but the sun was shy, and about 20 minutes before true sunset, it hid behind a cloud bank across the lake. But no worries, we caught this great “sunset” shot and many more:
Then, we caught many more images of the colored sky and some lakeside shots, like this great shot:

Jordyn, it was a pleasure working with you!