Secret Society Revealed!

Today I was allowed to witness a secret ritual that few are permitted to see.  No, not the elaborate induction ceremonies of the Masons. Not even the senate defense briefings. No, more closely guarded than that. Not even Wikileaks has found this yet.  And I bring you the scoop right here.
Of course, I had an “in”. Connected to the organizer and related to the celebrant, I was also the pack mule. I’m good at carrying stuff, and I apparently have a “feminine side” when it comes to decorations.
I’m speaking of the American ritual of the Bridal Shower. Entirely strange and unrecognizable to the American male, this ceremony has been shrouded in secrecy for decades.  Until today. 
There were games. There were clothes pins. There were endless prizes, and a wonderful buffet luncheon.
I’m doing this expose mainly because I got to take artsy photos of nice candy arrangements, cupcakes, and ladies. And I was the only guy in a room of 35 ladies. Tough assignment?
My wife organized and QB’d the event, for my sister-in-law, soon to be wed to a great guy.
The event was held at Gianilli’s II in Greensburg PA. If you get down that way, and you can find the place, you should stop in. The food was great, the facilities were perfect, and the staff was very helpful and friendly.
Technically, the light was interesting. Given that they decorated with shades of purple, I wanted to capture lots of warm color. The ambient lighting was mostly incandescent, with low ceilings of white tile. I bounced a flash off the ceiling for a bit of fill light to keep the exposure above 1/60th of a second at ISO 1000. The images were not super crispy but they were nice and rich in color.
Here are a few of my artsy images.  Nice shower Julie. You were quite the sport!