Erie Photography

I have been working on a great new idea, inspired from one of my professional groups. I call it “THE BOX”. Julia was my first willing participant.
The camera and lighting setup is very specific. The edits are very time consuming. But the outcome is outstanding. It’s a type of collage, constrained by the boundaries of the frame.
It’s designed to capture many aspects of a person, group or family, and present it in a somewhat organized fashion for the viewer.
I’ll vary the frame colors according to the subject and clothing. But for this first subject, I kept the backgrounds pure white and the frame pure black.
Julia’s costume was such a great, bright red, that I had to keep everything else constant to keep your focus on the costume, and her amazing dancer poses and expressions.
I’m adding this to my Senior options this year, and maybe my Family shoots as well.
I hope you enjoy it. Give me some feedback and ideas, and I’ll work with them.