Erie Photography Classes

Today we held our second “Intro to Photography” class in our Raven studio.  We had a ton of great interaction and questions and we had some fun learning to get out of “Green Box” mode on the digital SLR.
Incidentally, I believe that the Nikon D7000 has the most horrible user interface of any modern digital camera.  That’s all I got to say about that.
As I was waiting for my students to arrive, I did some experimentation with exposure bracketing and High Dynamic Range editing.  HDR is a way to extract more image information from a setting by combining under and overexposed images into one single image. I practiced setting up my 7D for a 6-shot HDR set which I combined, aligned and processed to make the images you see below.
The first two images are of my studio and the hallway outside, with HDR processing.  The third is just a cool image of me, me, me as an erstwhile ghost in a 24 second exposure of the chilly hallway couch!

Coming up on March 26-27 is the “Going Pro” Boot Camp, and on April 2 is the “indoor lighting” workshop.