Half Marathon

I had a choice this morning – sleep in or get up at 5:30 and run the Presque Isle Half Marathon, put on by the Erie Runners Club. I did the right thing, but it was tough waking up!

The half is my favorite race distance. 13.1 miles is long enough to be a test, but not so painful as the marathon.

Following a very rainy overnight, the dawn broke with overcast skies, low 70s and a nice breeze. There appeared to be several hundred runners out to complete the 13.1 mile loop around the park. The official results page indicated 566 runners – very impressive! As usual there was great support on the course with at least 8 water stops. I saw a number of my co-workers from GE and many other familiar faces. Here’s a shot from the starting line just moments before the race began. I had to sprint back to my car to dump my camera and just made it back in time for the start. I finished in my usual 2hrs+ time, this year around 2:07:40 or 9:40 per mile. I’ll take that. The winner had a time almost twice as fast as mine, something around 1:07 and change.

Thanks to the ERC for another great race!