Learning the fine art of boudoir portraiture

Photographers need to learn and grow. I try to attend several seminars each year. The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) offers local seminars twice a year, called “Super Monday”, often produced by local photographers. I often either attend or instruct these sessions. They are a great opportunity to meet with other photographers and learn new techniques.

This May, my friends Stephanie Cunningham and Dana Nordlund jointly presented a Super Monday at Steph’s studio in Ripley NY. Their program was entitled “Bombshell Boudoir” and featured some great models, great clothing and amazing hair and makeup. I have little experience with the style called boudoir, meaning a women’s bedroom. These photographs are often suggestive, but not outright naughty. In addition, we worked on pinup photos as well, which are generally more fun and “G” rated than boudoir.

We used some the newest Wescott constant lights, from florescent to the newest (unreleased) LED lights. They are great for WYSIWYG studio lights!

Here are a few samples of the session. There are dozens more on my Facebook business page!

boudoir portraits black and white boudoir pinpu portraits boudoir portrait boudoir and pinup portraits boudoir portrait

Special thanks to our models who worked tirelessly for the whole day, and our clothing, hair and makeup contributors.

Erie Photography: Photography Classes in January

In January, we’ll be offering our new Winter Series on Adventures in Photography. Set in three Saturday sessions in January 2011, we’ll teach the new camera owner how to master the digital SLR camera, lighting, and editing.
The three sessions are $39 each (for four hours of instruction), or $99 for all three sessions.
For my Blog followers, I’m offering an early bird special of $79 if purchased before December 22nd. That’s 12 hours of instruction for an incredible price!
These classes make wonderful gifts for the camera lover in your family, especially if they (or you) receive a camera from Santa!
If you would like a nice certificate to present as a gift, you can contact me and I will print and mail it to you or the lucky recipient.
This is a great way to learn more about photography. For more information on the seminars, click here.

Order soon – class sizes are limited!

Erie Photography Seminars: My Students!

We’re at class #4 of our Adventures in Photography series, and we are making great progress. Our small class is very focused (pun intended).  We have moved from basic camera settings to natural light portraits, still life and macro, and then on to studio lighting. I have drilled the fundamentals each week, and I’m sure they are sick of “The FEW” and setting custom white balance.  But they are becoming better and better photographers each week.
This week, we learned how to set white balance with a strobe trigger, set main lights, fill, background and kicker lights.  We even played with color gels on the backgrounds, and changed light modifiers.
This is one sample photo from Heather, one of our attendees.  There is no editing on this image – it is straight out of camera, with the exception of resizing for blogging.
Great lighting, composition, focus.  I’m so proud of the progress our class has made.  In four more sessions we’re going to learn even more!

Erie Photography Seminars: Adventures in Photography

today we are launching a series of hands-on seminars for new or developing photographers.  Entitled “Adventures in Photography Level 1: Summer Series“, we are offering a weekly 2-hour seminar designed to give a broad base of experiences and skills to those wishing to learn more about the technical and artistic side of photography.
All you need to join is a digital SLR with at least one lens, and a desire to learn and grow as a photographer.  We’ll provide the material, subjects and experiences to let you produce better images.
Topics include the following (and much more):
  • Digital SLR setup
  • White balance
  • Photographing people, pets, landscape and small items
  • Camera setups for difficult situations (dark rooms, etc.)
  • Image editing and use of websites to share and critique images
Sessions are $30 each, or $200 for the entire series of 8 sessions.  Discounts are available to current and past customers of John Huegel Photography, Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership members, PPA or WPPI members and people over the age of 65.
To register for the class, send us an email here.
We hope you join us!