Erie Senior Portraits: Textures

I’ve been experimenting with textures as a way to enhance images. It’s all the rage in senior portraiture.

Here are a few examples with my favorite senior:

The process involves choosing a texture image (such as a photograph of wallpaper or some random rust pattern), creating a layer of that above the subject, varying the amount of opacity (how much of the subject shows through), tweaking the opacity to emphasize facial features, and editing the final mix for impact.
I’m so used to “clean” images with great urban backgrounds that I don’t naturally think of texturing an image. But it’s another way to creatively process images to create a unique portrait that conveys a completely different message than the original shot.
I just started offering prints on metallic paper, 3/4″ standoff (black foam) mount, and printed directly on aluminum sheet. These textured images on aluminum will be amazing!