Erie Senior Portraits: Meaghan

Monday was a classic summer portrait day: Hot, muggy and the radar projection was showing all manner of badness about to happen.
Meaghan worked with us in studio for a couple of hours, focusing mostly on dance images, including this lovely black and white portrait:
Then we ventured outdoors, eventually arriving at one of my favorite walls:
I love the jeans and boots look in this image!
Considering the weather was so threatening, we did not have high expectations for sunset. However, the clouds parted and we experienced one of the most colorful and intense sunsets that I have seen in quite some time. Here is the sun about ten minutes before setting:
Look at that beautiful warm light. We’re throwing a bit of light back to Meaghan so she is not silhouetted by the strong backlight of the sun and sky.
This dance image was taken after sunset. Note the intensity of the colors in the sky. We emphasize these through underexposure of the background:
Again, front/side lighting is necessary to render the details of the dancer. We simply turned off the lights to render this lovely silhouette of essentially the same pose:

Meaghan, your images are lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to capture your senior portraits. 

Coming Soon: Stay tuned for an “In the Box” dance collage featuring Meaghan!

Erie Senior Portraits: Benjamin

Benjamin is the third of three in his family.  I have had the honor of taking the senior portraits of both his older sister (at IUP with my daughter Kelly), his older brother (at EUP like I did, decades ago!), and Benjamin, headed to another Pennsylvania University.
We had some adventures in downtown Erie, heading NW to the beach, and capturing some really nice images by Waterworks pond and on the beach itself.  Then we retired to my studio and worked with a couple of interesting backdrops.
Ben was a great sport, and helped make the session smooth and enjoyable.  I wish Ben and his older siblings the best!