Vacation Photos

We spent 9 days on the road exploring New England and the Finger Lakes region of New York. Here are a few images from our tour.

 These are close-up images of the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor.

 These images are from Boothbay Harbor in Maine.

 This is a very long covered bridge in Bath, New Hampshire. We visited at least three towns named Bath on our journey.

Now, back to work!

Webber Pond

Here’s an image of an island on Webber Pond in Maine.  For years we visited my mother and her husband there.  The lake was large enough for water skiing and for launching and landing his float plane.  This was taken in the early morning as the fog burned away.

Dee’s Posies

Here’s another image from our Maine trip in July. My mother has a great flower garden around her cottage, and one morning I took a walk and captured some images of the many flowers she has growing.

I don’t know what this one’s called, but I like the pink and white petals. I set my camera in macro “flowers” mode and it did a fine job of closeup focus.

Lovely garden, Ma!

Peaceful Garden

Here’s a peaceful garden. This is part of my mother’s cottage garden in Maine. Just off the Marlboro coast, she has a great garden of flowers, bushes, ivy and bridges and other decorative items. It’s very peaceful to sit outside, with the ocean breeze cooling you.

That’s in the summer of course. In the winter, parts of you fall off from the cold, and in the spring, the black flies eat the parts that are left.

But summer’s perfect in Maine!


Bar Harbor Maine…home of hundreds of shops and restaurants. This is *the* spot to be in coastal Maine.

We spent several hours in Bar Harbor eating, shopping, eating and shopping. I think our gang went through 12 whole lobsters and lots of lobster rolls in the few days we were there. There are many gift shops and ice cream places. I stopped counting Ice Cream stands at 10.

Here’s a photo of one of the more colorful lobster places in Bar Harbor. We also picked some out and had them cooked and taken home to eat.

Climbing Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac is the highest mountain in Acadia National Park. At 1530 feet or so, it doesn’t compare to the White mountains or most of the mountains out west, but it is high enough that you can see the sunrise earliest there from anywhere on the East Coast.

There are several hiking trails that can be taken from the base to the summit. Some of us took the North Ridge Trail, a 1-2 hr climb. We saw many people that day going both ways, from an Italian mom and her son to an older woman with a walking stick and daypack, headed back down.

It was a hot and hazy day. We were glad when the wind picked up near the top. There were wild blueberries along the trail. The Acadia guide does not discourage the picking of berries as long as you do not damage the environment…they were tasty! As the trail wound through the pine woods, the smells alternated between pine and blueberry. It reminded us of a gift shop.

Here is a shot from about 2/3 of the way to the summit. You can see Bar Harbor to the right, a cruise ship anchored nearby, the Porcupine Islands and the tiny blip to the right of the cruise ship is a 4-masted sailing ship that is used for pleasure cruises.

Many people drive to the top. There are tour buses, cycling groups and lots of people with their dogs all out to see the coast of Maine from the top!

Lighthouse in Maine

We just returned from a summer trip to Maine. What a beautiful state!

I’m drawn to the ocean scenery, particularly the lighthouses. I have photographed several over the last ten years or so.

Here’s the Bass Harbor lighthouse on the tip of Mount Desert Island, near Bar Harbor. This is a classic shot which is seen on postcards and artwork. Notice the strong diagonal line from the rocks and the trees.

I took only my waterproof Pentax digital point and shoot, which I regret. I should have taken a camera with a real viewfinder…I could not see to frame or adjust the exposure in the bright light. But, I returned with some nice shots in any case.