2014 Erie Save an Eye Game Photos

2014 was the 76th year for the annual Save-an-Eye football game. This game pits the all stars from the Erie City schools against Erie County schools’ best players.

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This year’s game was as exciting as you can get. Trick plays, dramatic turnovers and exciting passes highlighted the game’s progression. The score close to the last couple of minutes, the game was finally decided in favor of the County.

Here are some images for your enjoyment. These and more can be viewed at http://jhphotomusic.com under Sessions.

Erie Senior Pictures: Paige

Summer senior pictures have begun! This week I had a chance to work with Paige, who is the third senior in her family to have their pictures done by John Huegel Photography.

IMG_2390 blog

Senior sports picture on track in full sun

IMG_2410 blog

Soft background of trees with chair

Erie Senior Pictures - Beach portrait

Soft evening light on senior girl

We had perfect weather and stopped at a half dozen locations to capture a wide variety of images.

Here are a few senior pictures from Paige’s session. There are more available in my Facebook business page.

Leo – Erie Photography

Monday was Leo’s night for images. We captured some great images indoors.
 Leo enjoys golf, among other sports.  This next image is a great sepia toned image. The original follows. I love my “ladder” shots!
 I really like this black and white image. Yes, it’s a serious pose, but it’s noble!
Leo, I have some very interesting plans for the second half of your session. You’ll just have to wait for the fun!

Erie Senior Portraits: Heather’s Volleyball

Today it didn’t just rain, it poured. All of us were a bit concerned about the evening’s session, but as we gathered to start, we ended up with some really interesting, and cool, weather. Yes, we needed the rain, but it had our nerves a bit frazzled.
Starting indoors, we captured some great images on several backdrops, and even picked up a few images requested by Heather in our great 110-year-old building’s grand windows:
Outdoors, one of Heather’s requests was a fire escape setting. I have worked with this area before, having met with the building owners. This is one of a set that we captured on a great fire escape:
Her passion was to be at the beach. Our original expectation was to be satisfied with a dull gray sunset, as it had been cloudy and rainy all day. We started at one of the lighthouses:
Then we headed to Beach 6 which has a great volleyball court as well as nice beach. Here is an awesome image taken against a crazy sunset:
Then we switched to volleyball mode and captured many great images, both by the nets and even better, by the sunset and lake. Here’s one of a whole group of incredible shots in “volleyball mode”:
You can’t capture images like this with a point and shoot. Not even with a consumer dSLR. It requires off-camera lights, precise timing and the knowledge of how to balance sunset lighting with subject lighting in high speed “action” mode.

Heather even headed into the lake to take a pounding from the waves as the sky faded to dark. We got some really amazing shots tonight. Thanks to Heather and her family for being such good sports!

Erie Save an Eye Game

Friday was the setting for the Save an Eye game – a match pitting the Erie city all stars against their peers in the county.
I was asked again this year and accepted the role of staff photographer, taking images for the program book (which looked great!) and as the exclusive photographer of the game itself.
A wonderful weather night and great play by both teams made for an exciting game through the last seconds.
Here are some images. There are hundreds more on my website in this gallery. Note that image downloads from the gallery are free! Prints may be purchased as well.

Harborcreek Senior Photos: Tyler

A gentlewoman from the South would have rated Thursday night “a bit wahm”. Though we didn’t have any fans to bat our faces with, we did have a mission: to capture some great lakeside and sports images for Tyler, and to face the 90+ degrees with dignity.
Tyler is an athlete. A P90X, track-running, soccer-playing, kayak-paddling athlete. I don’t think there is a sport he hasn’t tried.
We started at the lake under full sunlight at over 90 degrees, and Tyler fresh out of soccer camp. He was a trooper all of the way.
I like the play of colors on the many boats at his neighborhood beach/dock, and Tyler in the background, ready to head out on the water.
Later, we captured some crisp images on the soccer field:
I like the rim lighting we placed on the right side of the image. The black and white finish of this image emphasizes the rim light and the sports uniform.
Then we captured an image of Tyler at the track, emphasizing some previous awards. I used a spot color edit on this image to highlight the track awards.
In our Senior Portrait business, we try to emphasize the senior’s lifestyle – their sports, activities, recreations, and most of all, their personalities. I believe we captured Tyler’s spirit in this series. 
To cap it off, Tyler even posed in a jacket and tie after sunset for some classy images. I think this one has a bit of “Michael J. Fox” in it.

Great images, Tyler!

Erie Sports Photography: Save an Eye Game

Friday night began clear enough, but the bad weather moved in near halftime.  Following a brief delay, the game was called on account of dangerous lightning.  Not 5 minutes after, the skies opened up for a nasty thunderstorm.
Score at the half: City 20, County 14.  A good game was played by both teams.

Erie Save an Eye Game: Media Day

Tonight I once again had the honor to take the media day photos of the City and County teams for the Save-an-Eye game.  It was hot, but the players suited up and we took photos of the teams and the school groups for the program book.
Save-an-eye is a summer sports event organized by the Erie Lions Club.  It has been an annual football event since 1939.  The funds raised provide free eye care to low income children.
Here’s a couple of the group photos of the City and County teams.  Now, the teams go into 2 weeks of practice and then the big game is on Friday July 23rd at Veteran’s Stadium at 26th and French Streets.  Make plans to be there – it benefits a great cause!
As was the case last year, I’ll be the official photographer for this event, meaning I’m the only one allowed and authorized to sell images from this game.