Father William Rupp

On Sunday May 23, we celebrated the Thanksgiving Liturgy of the newly ordained Father William Rupp. Originally from our parish in Erie, Father Will recently completed his studies and was ordained a priest in the Byzantine Catholic Church.

Traditionally, the priest’s first Liturgy (Mass) is celebrated in his original parish. We had the honor of hosting Father Will in his first Liturgy, attended by many priests from the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, along with a full church of family, friends and members of the religious orders. A reception followed to wish Father Will the best in his journey of priesthood.

We are very proud of Father William. Our Byzantine Church is grateful for his commitment to the priesthood!

Congratulations Father William Rupp!

Father William Rupp

On Sunday May 16th, Deacon William Rupp was ordained as a priest in the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.

The ceremony was performed at the Cathedral in Munhall, PA.

Father Will expressed his thanks for the support and inspiration provided to help him find his calling.
Will shares the joyous moment with Metropolitan Basil, the Bishop of the Byzantine Catholic Church in the Pittsburgh Archeparchy.

Will is the only priest to be ordained this year. He is originally from our own parish in Erie.

Congratulations Father Will!

Byzantine Catholic Church Rededication

This last weekend we celebrated the rededication of Saints Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church. Two separate religious ceremonies saw the Consecration of the Holy Altar and the Blessing of the Iconostasis (Icon Screen). Both ceremonies were attended by our Metropolitan Basil, the head of our Byzantine Catholic Church, Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.

In the first image, the Holy Altar is stripped of its adornments and baptized with holy water, wine, and rose water. Then it is cleansed and a relic is entombed into the Altar. To complete the ceremony, the Altar is once again adorned. This ceremony was accompanied by holy vespers, sung by members of both Saints Peter and Paul, and Saints Cyril and Methoius Byzantine Catholic Churches.

On Saturday, the Icon Screen and other icons in the church were blessed by the Metropolitan. A full Divine Liturgy was conducted, accompanied by the Archeperchal Choir. This was a standing-room only service, attended by many priests, deacons, nuns and many of our Parish Family.

Following this moving Liturgy, we retired to the social hall where a great banquet was held in celebration of the rededication of the church.