Senior Portraits in Erie: Alyssa

Alyssa’s two loves are horses and guitars. We focused on these tonight, and ended up with some amazing images.
Here are some images at her family farm with her favorite horse:
I was in a “texture” mood tonight, so a couple of these images have some special effects.
This one is pretty much straight out of the camera. There’s the family farm barn in the background.
Then we headed downtown for some indoor and outdoor images. Here are a couple. I got into a Black and White/Partial Color mood:
This one has a nice dramatic BW finish. But the key is the pose, and the tunnel effect from the Sas underpass.
 A different treatment of my rusty wall. Partial color on the tye-dye shirt.

Alyssa, you have many great images. I dig the Les Paul!

Carly’s Sunflower

Tonight, Carly came all the way from Corry to Erie to work with me. She had some very specific ideas, and wanted to experience the “John Huegel Photography” session.

We had perfect weather for the outdoor portion. Not too hot, low winds and no rain. And a killer sunset to boot.

One of her favorite shots is the partial color image where most of the photo is in black and white, but some color is retained. She brought a fresh sunflower and we took this image with the partial color finish in mind.

We visited a number of my favorite locations in Erie, including the famous Mural Wall between Peach and Sassafras around 14th street. Here’s a great pose of Carly against that wall.

Carly, you had many great images. Thanks for making the journey to Erie and choosing us for your Senior Portraits!

Partial Color Photography

Here is a great image of Lena in a classic Jazz pose.

I finished this image in “partial color”, meaning I converted most of the image to Black and White, and then pulled the color of her costume through from a color layer.

Lena is fond of my partial color images, and adds one to her collection each year that we take dance photos.