Puppy Portraits: Pet Photography Practice

Pet photography - mature mutt

Vito on his favorite leather ottoman

Pet photography - two dogs on couch

Vito and Dixie on the couch – their first visit to the portrait studio
Pet Photography - Golden Doodle

Noble pose for a puppy

Pet photography in high key

Dixie, aka “Puppet”, our golden doodle puppy, taken with high-key white background.

Today I finally took my two dogs to the studio for some fun. They are both big, and full of energy and bot terribly well trained. It was a crazy half hour to get them posed and snap a few images.

Pet photography is an area that I would like to grow. I figured that if I could get my two crazy canines to behave, I can handle other pets as well.

Erie Pet Photography: Cats and Dogs

Today I had the honor of photographing a pet for the 2012 Humane Society calendar. Fergus, a lively golden retriever, has a wonderful personality and loves running around outdoors.
 Using my new 70-200 IS II lens, I captured some great action photos of Fergus retrieving his red toy.
You can tell that this is one happy dog!
Then we went on a cross country road trip to visit with some kittens:

These four kittens were a lot of fun. They were still a bit freaked out by the grass, but they are starting to get inquisitive. By the way, if anyone wants a kitten, let me know!

Erie Photography Classes: Pets!

Tonight was our Pets! night in our Adventures in Photography class series.  We had a couple of eager pups ready to pose for the camera.  After getting to know each other, Emma and Abby were very well behaved ladies and ended up being great models. 
We learned how to set up to photograph pets, under natural indoor and outdoor light, as well as under studio strobes.  A few treats were given out, but hey, who couldn’t use a treat now and then?
These came from one of our students’ cameras.  

My Trusty Yard Model

I was outside today in between projects, and I decided to do some more practice with my meter and telephoto lenses. I captured some great floral images again, and a few of my dog, Emma.

She loves to go outside when I shoot. She’ll sniff things for a while, and then will lay in the yard if the weather’s good (and only if no one is cooking inside).

Here’s a good shot of Emma being a model dog. Way in the background are the blooming forsythia. I metered the area and set up ISO400 1/800 sec at f/3.2. That’s tech speak for a fast shutter and a wide f-stop, which allowed me to only have my dog in focus, and the rest of the image nice and fuzzy.

So enjoy the image of my dog. She’s a pretty good dog, and a decent model at times.

Follow up: Here’s a great article on how to photograph pets from the New York Times.

Sophie, Dance Studio Mascot

During a bit of down time on today’s dance shoot, I had the opportunity to capture a few images of Sophie. She’s the dance studio mascot, and made some nice images. She’s one of the smallest dogs I have ever seen.

I usually take images of people’s pets when I do family or senior photos. This is the first time a studio pet has taken her place on my pedestal for her own shoot!

I have read that pet photography is the third highest in sales of all categories of photography. Maybe Sophie will be my big break in to the exciting world of pet photos!