Leo – Erie Photography

Monday was Leo’s night for images. We captured some great images indoors.
 Leo enjoys golf, among other sports.  This next image is a great sepia toned image. The original follows. I love my “ladder” shots!
 I really like this black and white image. Yes, it’s a serious pose, but it’s noble!
Leo, I have some very interesting plans for the second half of your session. You’ll just have to wait for the fun!

Erie Senior Portraits: Meaghan

Monday was a classic summer portrait day: Hot, muggy and the radar projection was showing all manner of badness about to happen.
Meaghan worked with us in studio for a couple of hours, focusing mostly on dance images, including this lovely black and white portrait:
Then we ventured outdoors, eventually arriving at one of my favorite walls:
I love the jeans and boots look in this image!
Considering the weather was so threatening, we did not have high expectations for sunset. However, the clouds parted and we experienced one of the most colorful and intense sunsets that I have seen in quite some time. Here is the sun about ten minutes before setting:
Look at that beautiful warm light. We’re throwing a bit of light back to Meaghan so she is not silhouetted by the strong backlight of the sun and sky.
This dance image was taken after sunset. Note the intensity of the colors in the sky. We emphasize these through underexposure of the background:
Again, front/side lighting is necessary to render the details of the dancer. We simply turned off the lights to render this lovely silhouette of essentially the same pose:

Meaghan, your images are lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to capture your senior portraits. 

Coming Soon: Stay tuned for an “In the Box” dance collage featuring Meaghan!

Dance Recital

This weekend saw the successful conclusion of another great dance season at Paula and Judy’s Dance Connection in Erie.

The 2009 Dance Showcase, held on June 12th and 13th, featured dozens of acts, from tiny dancers to adults, and from solo to large group productions. The variety of dance styles included ballet, tap, lyrical, acrobatic, hip hop, jazz and modern.

This image, taken from the sound booth by yours truly, shows the great lighting and mood created in the theater auditorium setting. This move is called an “elbow stand” and requires strength, balance and grace.

For a more technical description of how to capture good images in a dark setting, see my blog post under The New Professional Photographer blog.

Paula and Judy and Jamie: Congratulations on another wonderful dance season and showcase!

Winter Semi-Formal: Indoor Photos

Yesterday was not the best day for photos, with the severe weather. My daughter Jennifer had her winter Semi-Formal dance and had some friends over before the event. I took the opportunity to capture some indoor images with my new Gary Fong Lightsphere.

This light modifier, attached to the top of an attached flash, reportedly softens the light. And it did a fine job, as you can see here. Shooting at ISO640 and 1/30 second exposure, the TTL flash nicely balanced the available light and preserved the warmth of the room. You can see just a touch of very soft flash shadow on the wall just to the left of Jenny’s head. This is much softer than I would have expected with a camera-attached flash.

I did notice some illumination falloff issues with larger groups, but that is to be expected.

Overall, a good experiment and a very photogenic subject!