2014 Erie Save an Eye Game Photos

2014 was the 76th year for the annual Save-an-Eye football game. This game pits the all stars from the Erie City schools against Erie County schools’ best players.

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This year’s game was as exciting as you can get. Trick plays, dramatic turnovers and exciting passes highlighted the game’s progression. The score close to the last couple of minutes, the game was finally decided in favor of the County.

Here are some images for your enjoyment. These and more can be viewed at http://jhphotomusic.com under Sessions.

Dance Photography in Erie: High Key Images

We’re getting close to dance photography season. Each winter, we capture images of dancers, in costume and sometimes in motion!

This image was from a special session that I do only for the competition teams – high key photography against a white background with lots of light.

I shoot high key with four lights: Two for the backdrop to blow it out, and a main and fill light in the front. You can see from the shadows of her arms cast onto her legs that the front lights were on either side of the camera and the light to camera right was the higher intensity main light.

Heather here has jumped about as high as she is tall. I left a bit of detail in the white background so she wasn’t floating on thin air.

It’s great to be able to capture the energy, art and motion of dancers and see the smile on their face when they see a perfect image of themselves.

Nice leap, Heather!