High Key Dance Imagery

Here is another example of high-key photography for dance. This number, Cirque, was composed for strong visual impact of the color elements and the unique costumes.

For High Key, we light the background evenly and with a bit more intensity than the subjects, which blows the whites to pure white. For this large group, we lit the front pretty even as well.

In post production, we enhanced the color saturation and applied a unique font color and style. Some creative layering of the text under the subjects gave the image a three-dimensional effect.

Nice image, ladies!

High Key Dance Photography in Warren, PA

Tonight we had three fun-filled hours of competition team photos. We captured several hundred images of Jamie’s School of Dance – TAPS competition team.

Here’s an example image of tonight’s session. Shot against a white vinyl backdrop with white cloth on the floor, we lit for a pure white background. You can see that primary colors stand out very well against the white.

These ladies were modeling their costumes for their dance number, set to music from “Will Rogers Follies”.

Next step – a great big team collage!

Living in a Material World

Here’s a sample of one of the high-key images we captured last evening. This young lady’s number: Material Girl.

We aim for a couple of key elements in this type of photography: Crisp, well lit subjects, a pure white background, good illustration of the costume and the mood of the number, and some texture and context at the subject’s feet.

I think we met that in this image.

We photographed over 30 groups and individuals last night, in just under four hours. We had some fun and captured some really nice and creative images. We’ll be putting a competition collage together for these girls soon!

High Key Dance Photography in Erie

Last night we completed our competition team series at Paula and Judy’s Dance Connection. This is a great set of images of the various competition numbers, taken in high-key style on a white background.

We had a very smooth evening of shooting and we came away with some excellent images! Great posing and creative ideas from the studio owners and the girls were very cooperative.

Here’s an image of the act in progress, shot from behind the set in the studio. I thought the silhouettes of the waiting girls in the foreground added an interesting element to the image.

High-Key Dance Photography in Erie

Here is another high-key image of a dancer. This image shows Chelsea’s amazing flexibility and balance.

Many of these dancers spend 10 hours or more in the studio each week, honing their flexibility, strength and dancing skills.

The ladies at this studio study tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, acrobatics, adagio and often memorize ten to twenty dance numbers per year!

They participate in dance groups from solo to very large production numbers.

It is an honor to be able to photograph these great dancers!

Dance Photography in Erie: High Key Images

We’re getting close to dance photography season. Each winter, we capture images of dancers, in costume and sometimes in motion!

This image was from a special session that I do only for the competition teams – high key photography against a white background with lots of light.

I shoot high key with four lights: Two for the backdrop to blow it out, and a main and fill light in the front. You can see from the shadows of her arms cast onto her legs that the front lights were on either side of the camera and the light to camera right was the higher intensity main light.

Heather here has jumped about as high as she is tall. I left a bit of detail in the white background so she wasn’t floating on thin air.

It’s great to be able to capture the energy, art and motion of dancers and see the smile on their face when they see a perfect image of themselves.

Nice leap, Heather!